Campo de Estrellas is a conservation cemetery in Smithville, TX. Our project works to reconnect and reconcile people from diverse backgrounds to nature, spirituality, mortality, and each other through conservation burial.


Conservation Burial

Green burial is highly-effective yet under-utilized form of climate action that allows us to reconcile our inescapable human imposition on our land by returning to the earth with real intention. It is at once an ancient and radically modern practice in which human remains are interred directly into the earth, without the use of any toxic substances or preservatives, and either with no container at all or in 100% natural and biodegradable shrouds or coffins.  Conservation burial incorporates green burial practices into a larger plan of careful habitat restoration and preservation to create deeply meaningful natural spaces for contemplation, remembrance, and gratitude. Moreover, conservation burial tends to be a significantly more affordable–and thus more widely accessible–option for dignified burial than mainstream alternatives.

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“I could ask for no better monument over my grave than a good mesquite tree, its roots down deep like those of people who belong to the soil, its hardy branches, leaves and fruit holding memories of the soil.” — J. Frank Dobie

The Team

A funeral director, a lawyer, and a retired nurse walk into a field…

…and a vision is born.  A vision of a place that will inspire people to think differently about death, dying, and legacy.  A vision of a place that will become a refuge for wildlife, rich in biodiversity, color, and life.  A vision of a place that becomes a focal point for a larger community that believes in the importance of setting aside space for nature, memory, and rustic beauty.

Whether you join us for a workshop, a rewilding day, or make Campo de Estrellas part of your end-of-life planning, we welcome you as part of our team and circle of friends.

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Campo de Estrellas Conservation Cemetery

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