In our presentations you will learn the history of our land and location as a reminder that every part of the earth is sacred with its own story, personality, individuality and intrinsic value and is to be honored and cared for. We demonstrate how green and, especially, conservation burial can serve as a potent means of caring for and restoring our living earth.

You will be taken on a journey through history to understand how the law recognizes and protects the individual’s right to a respectful burial.  In addition, you will be guided through the legal ramifications and the process we underwent to establish our cemetery so that you, too, can found a conservation cemetery.

And finally, you will be introduced to the nitty-gritty of conservation burials – honest, clear descriptions of the actual “look” and mechanics, common misconceptions and what are, perhaps, eye-opening questions to ask yourselves or your loved ones as you consider conservation burial.

Your hosts will be Cindy Ybarra, a retired nurse and donor of the Campo de Estrellas land, her son, Michael Ybarra, an Austin attorney and their partner and friend, Sarah Wambold, an experienced green funeral director.  Please join us as we explore this unique and reverent method of land stewardship that is both new and very old and honors not only human life but the entire circle of our collective, interwoven earthly existence.

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